Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things That I Learned Today

My husband is no longer involved with her. She is out of his life at this time.
I pointed out the fact that he is alone and further away from what he supposedly wants more than anything. Here I was willing to give him those things... He says that his life is not my concern anymore and I shouldn't gloat in his misery. As if I can shut off six years of love and caring. When I pointed out that a. I wasn't gloating and b. misery was me and he was merely living in the hell he created...silence.
There are many gray and white cats in my neighborhood. This caused me to climb into a sewer/storm drain looking for my cat today, based on a neighbors sighting, only to find that it wasn't my cat.
2 year old children are happier with the people at their parties than the presents.
I still can't answer people who know about the situation, who know us, when they ask how I am doing without tears. When they hug me and tell me they are so sorry I just want to hide.

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