Monday, May 4, 2009

Seriously. This Is My Life.

What the f? Seriously. Why is there a black cloud following me around everywhere???

I used to have the most normal, even keeled, happy life. Now it seems like every week something bizarre happens to me.

First there is the "your husband is cheating on you" anonymous letter, said husband asking me for a divorce once then retracting and then asking again, my best friend losing my cat while pet sitting, last week my luggage was lost, climbing into the storm drain in search for said cat who ended up not being my cat and then there was this evening...

I let the dogs out the back door as per usual. Open the door again and Barley runs in but Bella is downstairs. But its one of those doors where the knob locks and if it shuts behind you, you are locked out. Because of this we never turn the knob lock. Ever. We always use the dead bolt.

So I turn to go back in and the door is locked. Well, surely one of the other 2 doors are unlocked.

Check the basement door. Locked.

Check the front door. Locked.

Try the garage doors, nada.

So I stand on my front door debating the 8 house walk to my soon to be former in-laws for help or calling the soon to be former uncle/real estate agent to come let me in via the house key in the lock box.

But as nutty as I am about the doors I rarely lock the windows. So I work to pop off the screen as cute Barley barks encouragement and yes! Its unlocked. In I climb, out the front door put the screen back on, inside to shut the window and lock it.

Finally I settle in to watch a little Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill with a dash of Facebook and blog reading.

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  1. ok, so i am happy you were able to climb thru your them!