Sunday, May 10, 2009

Emphasis on the Positive

I am bitter. Admittedly I am in a very bitter state. I don't understand why I don't get my happy ending.

I have lost a lot of my faith in God. I don't understand why He would do this/let this happen to me.

But I know that I can get through this. That I am a strong person who will be fine on my own. Someday.

Today though I think I should focus on some positive things like what I am thankful for. The good things I have in my life...The following are things I am thankful for (in no particular order):

  • Family. Especially my sister and Megan. They are rocks for me. Both have dropped everything at some point to be there for me and for that I am forever grateful. I hope they know I would do the same for them.
  • My job. I am fortunate to have a job I love and that allows me to travel all over the US and do things like have dinner at Frank Sinatra's, get facials and massages. Of course its not always pampering and schmoozing there is lots of work to do too.
  • Friends. I have amazing friends (including those I hadn't talked to in years) who remind me that this isn't my fault, especially when I am quick to blame myself. Or just listen to me when I need it most.
  • Pets. They may not be traditional children but they are everything to me. They make me smile and they give me a reason to get up every day. I love my dogs and am so happy my cat found his way home.
So even if the man who said forever only meant a few years and would cause me pain greater than I ever imagined; I still have a lot to be thankful for.

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