Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Something Good!

Today marks the two week mark of Duay being missing.

After work I drove to Osceola, IA to meet my sister. She is accompanying me on a business trip to Phoenix and since I am going to Iowa for the weekend it was best to meet halfway. We had a nice drive back, chatting away.

We talked about Duay only briefly when I mentioned that today was two weeks. I told her I was really hoping we would get home and he would be in the cat trap we had set on our front door.

We arrived and no such luck. Inside I was crushed because almost every found pet post I had read said they came home after 2 weeks. I felt like today was now or never.

I needed to finish packing and went to grab a quart size plastic bag from the kitchen when I decided to let the dogs out one last time. When I opened the door Bella started shaking her tush so I opened the door wider and there he was!

He wasn't upset but when he saw me he let out the biggest meow! It was almost like he was saying; where have you been????

I am so happy he is home and so sad that I have to leave in the morning. I just want to hang out with him all day. The soon to be ex is going to take him to the vet to get him checked out and bathed. Overall he seems to be good, a little skinny and dirty but overall he is in great shape. He doesn't appear to have had a personality change either! Big relief!

I think I am just going to stare at him all night.

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