Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conversations & Tears

The following conversation that took place today after I received an email requesting I not send divorce information to his work email (which has been our primary communication gateway since the debacle began). I responded asking why and if it was because he still hadn’t told his coworkers?

The players: Me and My-Soon-2-B-Ex (MS2BX)

Me: Hello?

MS2BX: I am not lying to my coworkers, I have told them everything. I just need to keep my personal life personal and work life separate.

(Insert me rolling my eyes here. I am sure you told them that you had an affair, I was willing to get past it, give you everything you wanted, give up what I wanted in order to make you happy and you left anyway)

MS2BX: So you need my new checking account number, 401k account number and balance, Roth account number and balance as well as the credit card number with no balance?

Me: Yes.

MS2BX: You have always taken care of this. Why aren’t you doing it now?

Me: Because it is your information. You need to provide it and I don’t have the new checking account number anyway.

MS2BX: So you are just trying to be difficult?

Me: No, you said that your life isn’t my concern anymore. I can’t continue to take care of you. You have to learn to do these things on your own.
(This is where I start to cry softly)

MS2BX: Whatever. Why are you upset?

Me: Do you really need to ask that question?


Me: Do you?

MS2BX: No, I guess I don’t. Can you send me my log-in information?

Me: Yes, I provided it previously and will provide it again.

MS2BX: So we really have to include something with no balance?

Me: Yes, that is what the lawyer said.

MS2BX: Fine. I will be over tonight to mow.

Me: I probably won’t be there.

MS2BX: Why?

Me: I have an appointment.

So am I wrong? Should I just continue to take care of these things? Do everything? Shouldn’t he need to take responsibility here? I think he needs to do these things on his own. He doesn’t want me anymore so why should I help?

He called back a few minutes later wanting to know if it would be easier to just cancel the credit card with no balance. I said sure. He asked the same question 5 different ways, all to my same answer of sure.

Um, you don’t want me to send emails to your work about this stuff so why are you calling me at work and upsetting me about this stuff?

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