Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Growing up showing horses allowed me the luxury of travel. Mainly throughout the midwest. Now in my adult life I travel for work and get to see the entire country, visit cities I wouldn't have the opportunity to see on my own.

This marks my 3rd trip to Seattle but its the first time I really saw the city. It makes me want to come back and visit again. Take time to do more of the touristy things.

We arrived on Sunday after our canceled flight. Luckily Southwest re-booked my coworker and I on the next flight. Even with this hiccup we only arrived an hour late. Not bad!

We immediately joined our industry friends for Sunday brunch at the Space Needle. Amazing views, great food, great conversation. A great start to our trip.

But of course there was work to do and off to the trade show we went. Followed by dinner at Etta's and drinks at the Whiskey Bar.

Whisky Bar is my kind of place. It is not my own personal version of hell like Cielo in NYC. It is obviously a locals hangout populated by regulars. So much so that when the band got ready to play, spotted our group and quickly exclaimed "Hey! You are new! What brings you here?"

Monday was more work, the movie Up! (cute but a little sad), more work and a Mariners game. It was a great day for baseball. The roof was open, the beer was cold and the peanuts were salty.

More work today and another movie, Terminator Salvation. While I have enjoyed my trip, I am ready to come home. I miss my furry kids!


  1. Seattle is on my list of places to new list of just me. maybe a girls trip?

  2. Hi! I was just passing through and noticed here that you showed horses when you were younger. I show Quarter Horses on the AQHA circuit, though not very often any more! What breed association did you show with?