Thursday, June 11, 2009

Goals Update

I know, I know. I said I was going to talk about this on Sunday but this is my blog and as I am recently single, I answer to no um, I can do what I please. To steal from a super cheesy song...Its my prerogative!

So! Because I have made loads of progress since setting my GOALS on Monday I just had to stop and brag about the positive in my life. Its easy to get weighed down by the negative so I am trying to recognize the positive as often as I can.

see italics for my progress thus far!
  • Cook dinner 3 times. Real dinners. Not make your own pizza, microwave popcorn or mac & cheese. Real dinners. 66% effective! Last night I made pork loin chops with seasoned red potatoes and tonight I made enchiladas!
  • Workout 2 mornings prior to work. 100% effective! Tuesday I biked prior to work and Wednesday I did the Gunnar Peterson Butt workout.
  • Run 4 times or 10 total miles. 25% effective. 1 run for 2.0 miles thus far. More to come!
  • Walk the dogs 3 times. 33% effective.
  • Ride my bike for a total of 30 minutes. 100+% effective! So far I have totaled 38.5 minutes on my bike and I am not done yet! I forgot just how much I love riding a bike. But man am I out of biking shape!
  • Go to at least one social activity that does not occur at my house. This is on the calendar for tomorrow. Going to see The Hangover with a friend.
  • Complete 2 full body workouts, an ab workout and a bum workout. 75% effective. I have completed 1 full body workout, an ab workout and a bum workout. Just one full body left to go!

I have been so much more motivated to get things done because I felt that this little blog was holding me accountable. So thank you those of you that read this. You are keeping me going!


  1. impressive. now I want a bike.

  2. i admire your courage! and your dinners sound delicious!!