Monday, June 22, 2009


My sister asked last week if there was anything she could do. I answered simply "find someone to buy my house so I can move." She then asked the question that everyone else is afraid to ask "you know that isn't going to fix anything, right?"

And I do.

I know moving won't fix my broken heart.

I know the pain will remain.

It won't evaporate just because I change venues. But I will be able to eat at restaurants that have nothing to do with him. I won't have to fear Target because I could run into him or his family. I will be able to have a drink with friends without the fear of seeing them together or seeing his friends. I won't have to have contact with him because there are joint bills to be paid.

I know nothing is going to make this better except for time. Time seems to be the only thing I have these days.

Days upon days of time.


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