Monday, June 15, 2009

Goals Results and New Ones Too

I set several small goals for the week and as I last week I was quite successful at accomplishing them.

I made 3 dinners; pork loin chops with seasoned red potatoes, enchilladas and last night I grilled a burger.

I worked out 3 times prior to work; one bike ride, one run and one bum workout.

Run 4 times or 10 miles. Oops. This is my only fail. I only ran 3 times. I just wasn't up for a run on Sunday.

Walk the dogs 3 times. Check. Not sure they are happy about it but we went!

Ride my bike for 30 minutes. Overachiever again! I total 38 minutes on the bike. Sadly the weather didn't cooperate for me to ride it to the pool but I rediscovered my love of biking. Can't wait to get in better biking shape.

Go to at least one social activity outside of my house. I am trying to get over being a hermit. I met a friend, the wife of MS2BX oldest friend for a movie and drinks. It was good to be out of the house and in the presence of someone I respect so much. I am relieved to know that our friendship will stay in tact.

Complete 2 full body workouts, an ab workout and a bum workout. Check, check, check, check! Oh my gosh Jillian Michaels 30 day shred....SO HARD and I am only on level 1. Eeek.

So this weeks goals are the all in 4's:
  • Run 4 times

  • Walk the dogs 4 times

  • Cook real meals 4 times

  • Workout 4 times

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  1. Hey you did pretty good meeting those goals. As long as it's mostly a win, that's all that matters!