Friday, June 12, 2009

Favorites Approaching Downgrade

I love magazines.

I love Target.

Let's start with one of my favorite magazines, InStyle.

I received the new InStyle yesterday and was so excited to see on the cover "No-Cost Ways to Treat Yourself-You Deserve It!"

Wow. What an engaging article title.

I immediately abandoned by normal "must read from front to back in its entirety, no flipping to specific articles" reading strategy and headed straight for the motherland.

What did I find?

Hm...$14 foot scrub, recommendations to rent a convertible, an $81 bathroom "bliss set," a glow in the dark horse shoe set for $13, recipes for food I can't pronounce, $84 Lacoste sneakers...

Didn't the cover say "no cost?"

I mean yes...$14 foot scrub is cheaper than a pedi and these staycation ideas are cheaper than a week in Mexico but there is a cost. Let's not debate the whole opportunity cost concept we all learned in Econ 101 people. I am talking about dollars.

Here is to holding out hope that when I go back to my "must read from front to back in its entirety, no flipping to specific articles" reading strategy I find that its their copy editors fault for not catching the fact they sent to me to an article full of costly items.

Now onto my beloved Target. As anyone who knows me well is aware my biggest fear of moving back home is losing my beloved Super Target. Super Target can decorate a home, supply me with the latest fashions and put food on my table.

Today they robbed me.

Yes, I showed up 10 minutes before close and quickly grabbed 2 gallons of milk, a bottle of CoffeeMate creamer, Zone Bars and a huge bottle of Moscato.

I had a coupon for both gallons of milk and my CoffeeMate.

First it was oops! I didn't see you had a second coupon for your milk. Me, no problem. I will use it next time. I mean, hello? I drink 3 - 4 gallons of milCheck Spellingk per week.

Then I get home and realize they charged me for 3 gallons of milk!

Shame Target. Shame.

Please don't make me downgrade you my beloveds. We have been through so much. Redeem yourselves.


  1. why the heck do you drink so much milk? holy hell.

  2. I love Target. We don't have Target in Canada, but I visit the ones in Washington all the time. This year the fashion isn't as good as last year.

    Last year I got a kick-ass pair of Loeffler Randall shoes and some great Isaac Mizrahi sandles. This year I'm still looking.