Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Southwest Airlines

Sending me from New Orleans to Orlando when I am trying to get to KC - MAKES NO SENSE.

Buy a map.

I was going from New Orleans to Dallas to KC. That makes some sense.

What you have done now?


I am now arriving 4 hours later than I should have because of course the flight out of Orlando is delayed as well. Plus your gate agents were rude in New Orleans. Boo. AND this is two trips in a row that have been derailed....Remember my flight to Seattle that you canceled? Remember the bags you lost when I flew to Ontario?

Tell me what is going on...Are you trying to break up with me? Are you giving me the old "its me, not you" excuse? Has my faithfulness gone unnoticed (hello, I fly you enough to have a companion pass)? Have you grown tired of me and my efficient boarding prowess?


A very tired and cranky me that just wants to go home.


  1. Holy cow that sounds awful? I've never flown southwest before. Ick! My friend once flew LA to NY to Chicago. That makes no sense either.

  2. I bet this is why their stock was down yesterday!