Monday, May 24, 2010

Skeptic vs. Psychic

Me = Skeptic
Psychic = triumphant over me

After many attempts my friends finally convinced me to go see a psychic.

And I am a skeptic.

I don't buy it. I don't believe in things that are not based on proven theories and tested fact.

But I went.

She started out slow. That there was something heavy weighing on my heart. That it was tied to a past relationship. It ran parallel with my mother.

Hm. Perhaps the fact that my house isn't selling? The house I need to sell because MX and I split after he cheated? You mean the same scenario my parents had? That parallel with my mom?

She said the thing that I am working so hard towards, pushing for - I am right. Its where I am so supposed to be. I need to be there and I need to stick to everything I want when I get there.

That June 15th was a big day work related. Maybe the day I would sign the new contract for my new job or something with my present employment. She saw it more with present. You mean the day that there is a summit at work to determine the fate of my department?

The people that will buy my house have already looked at it. They are just trying to get everything arranged. So hopefully lease arrangement people will come back.

She said that it feels like there is a boy waiting for me when I move. That he is pacing back and forth while he waits. I said that I wasn't aware of anyone actively waiting.

His name starts with B.

I swear to God that she said his name starts with B.

That it had something to do with Brooke. Hm. I don't know. Maybe the fact that my B's ex wife is named Brooke?

She said that he seems to have crazy women in his past. That this may be a concern for me. That there may be a woman whose stalker like, lives with him and refuses to leave.

That we will talk about this at a table that sits low. It will be dark like night time. We will be outside. We will talk about all of this. He will be called away.

I said you are describing something that already happened a year ago. To a tee.

She kept going.

That he would be at a lake (all of this happened at the lake). That she sees the one being a B. It may not be this B. She isn't quite sure because she sees him as a brown haired boy (current B is blonde). But even if present B isn't future B, present B is probably the one waiting for me and future B can't come into my life until present B and I finish the unfinished stuff between us. She said there is a reason that present B is here and we aren't done yet. She said I needed to keep an eye on the girl who refuses to leave, she is unstable.

She said my father is a charming man. That people like him. That he could sell water to ice. We always say that if he isn't your father you would love my dad. That he can sell ice to Eskimos.

She said I can't stop my mom from doing the same thing over and over. That I can't make her take care of herself. I just have to accept that she wants to be discontent.

She said I am good with numbers and investments. That I will continue to see good returns especially with stock picks. And yes, this is a total passion for me.

She asked if I had a ghost in my house and I said no. But after I left I realized that I always say I feel as though I live with a ghost. The ghost lives behind the closet door. Where MX clothes are that he doesn't take with him to his new residence.

So I stepped out of my comfort zone. I set my inner skeptic aside and I got some interesting perspective.

This should have been on the 29 before 30 list.


  1. crazy! I'm a skeptic too...but I'm also curious and this makes me more so!