Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good & Bad

Let's start with the bad.

Last night my youngest dog, Bella, threw up a couple times. I figured she had an upset stomach but brushed it off. She woke me up several times throughout the night for various issues but by morning she seemed to have shook it off. She ate a bit of food and drank some water.

To be safe I came home over lunch to check on her. And she was still throwing up.

I decided to take her to the vet. On the way there she threw up everywhere. I knew it was coming. I pulled over but she jumped in the drivers seat. She threw up there. I reached for her. She jumped to the passenger seat...and threw up there. I knew there was a reason I carried so many reusable totes with me.

No fever and the probing check did not indicate a foreign object in her belly and since she is keeping water down - she isn't dehydrated. Most likely viral or parasite.

So 2 injections, some meds and $102 later we headed home knowing that if she wasn't better by morning we would come back for X-rays and blood work.

I had to go back to work but was able to cancel my after work obligation. I decided to concentrate on the positive; this would give me a chance to run after work.

I hop on the treadmill.

I take off.

I run the full mile (no alternating running and walking) in a recent personal best of 12:06.

At 1.2 Bella's stomach issue kicks in again.

Scratch the running plan.

I'm vegging on the couch with one sick puppy.


  1. Oh my gosh I hope your puppy feels better! That stinks that she's so sick and throwing up everywhere. You're a good mama!

  2. This totally sounds like my life some days. I swear having dogs is just like having kids. I hope your pup feels better soon!