Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Run In

Yesterday was quite the day.

It started as a lazy morning and a blackberry message from B. Teasing me about beating me in an ongoing competition. We chatted on bbm and FB IM for the next hour. Which was officially making me behind schedule for my packed day.

I raced to make up time and get to my friends jewelry party. She makes the most amazing earrings.

The phone rings.

A showing.

And I am anything but prepared. Add in running late and I am full on stressed.

I scramble, make it to the party and pick up new earrings and 2 dresses/swimsuit cover ups.

Go to my facial, which was nice but the facialist may very well be the spawn of Satan.

Back home.

Now its time to get ready for LY's MBA grad party.

The biggest story from the night isn't mine to tell. I just have to hope that it works out. That she values herself enough to make herself a priority. To see that its toxic. To know she deserves better.

The story that is mine to tell is that I ran into MX's friends. Not just one. But all of them. At first it was awkward for me, they seemed thrilled to see me and it ended up being fun. I am glad that it happened. I am glad that its over with.

I am glad that I am not afraid to run into them again.

I talked to his best friend a lot. Afterwards he sent me a message on FB and reminded me that they all considered me a friend. That I shouldn't be a stranger. To let him know if I ever wanted to talk.

It was nice. It may very well be all gesture and not sincere. But its appreciated nonetheless.

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  1. That was nice of him to do that. Even if you don't take that offer, it's nice to hear.