Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When I set out to run 4 miles this morning I may have been a little overconfident in my abilities.

I may have forgotten that when one doesn’t run for 5 days, or 7 before that, that they lose strength.

All of that came back to me this morning.

But the key is that I got up and ran again this morning. I accomplished another goal.

I did 3.25 miles in 45 minutes (told you I was tired) and burned 321.7 calories. All before I got in the shower.

Now I am going to take 2 days off before I run again. Saturday’s run will be with my sister. When I go home for the weekend.

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  1. Hey! I've been following you (not sure if I've ever commented?) for a while and I just wanted to give you some running support! I started running a few years before it happened, but when my ex got another girl pregnant less than a year after I moved from Texas to Illinois for him (we weren't married and I was 27 then), I became a serious runner. It really helps you deal with things. I'm now 29 and have run 2 half marathons this year and quite a few 5ks and 2 10ks (both of those were last year). And believe me, I hated running when I was growing up. If I can do it, you can too!

    I find myself relating to you a lot as you have started over so I just wanted to let you know! I'm hoping to move home too sometime this year. It's just too hard being far away from home and family! Good luck with your running and have a great weekend at home!