Thursday, May 13, 2010

My 3rd Tattoo

I am pretty sure the 3rd Tattoo is going to be written across my forehead.
"I don't want to be set-up."
Kidding. I love that my friends and family think that I am fabulous enough to recommend to others. It means a lot.
Because apparently my readership, or one of my 2 male readers, would like to know...I do have two tattoos.
The first is a tiny horseshoe (smaller than my thumb print) on my right hip. This was the first, I got it in college and it took less than 5 minutes. To this day its my favorite. And as you may have guessed I got it because I have always had horses in my life.
The second is a crown on my lower back. I got it after college over my lunch break. I worked in sales for UPS at the time and as the tattoo artist was working away my driver came in and got an excellent view of my lower back. He teased me relentlessly.
The crown is from when I was about 8 my grandmother passed away. I was being snotty to my mother shortly thereafter and my mom said - "Who died and made you queen?" To which I promptly replied - "Grandma."
From then on my mom would call me queenie. I never wanted to be a princess. I only wanted to be a queen.
I love my tattoos because most people are shocked to find out that I have one, let alone two. And unless I want you to see them - you can't. I can keep them hidden anytime. They are all mine.
But until the 3rd one is etched on...its my secret.

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  1. your readership thanks you!
    my daughter's horse is on loan to a rancher in nebraska right now rounding up some cattle and she (my daughter) misses him (khan, the horse) a ton!