Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Small Things, Big Moments

There are some days that are so wrapped in perfection that you almost do not even realize they are here.

Sure, I woke up today unable to get out of bed in time to go to the gym. I cursed daylights savings time for wrecking my sleep pattern and made my coffee while feeding the dogs and cat.

I delved into work and it was a good day. Things went well. Progress was made. My boss was in a good mood and said encouraging words that reminded me I am good at what I do.

I had a great workout over the lunch hour. I felt strong.

Items were listed on CraigsList to sell. My sister brought me my work saddle and the hunt seat saddle I am buying from her.

We went to pick up items we purchased from a party and to the store.

When I returned home it was still nice. Sunny.

A benefit from that daylight savings I had been cursing just a few short hours ago.

I took the dogs, my fat kids, on a walk. We enjoyed the fresh air. We enjoyed the sun.

When we returned home I opted not to go to yoga in order to grill a filet a twice baked potato. Yes, on the grill. Where I didn't freeze. I stood outside in cropped running pants and hooded sweatshirt and grilled a steak to medium rare perfection.

It was so good.

I wiped down the kitchen, dusted the main floor and curled up on the couch to read a magazine, start a new book and watch some mindless TV.

Nothing major happened today. I didn't have anyone special to share it with.

In fact, you are probably wondering why I even wrote this post.

But I wrote it because nothing happened. Yet, on this day, I am happy. Content. Satisfied.


  1. Oh, well it is great that you are content on your own living your life. I hope to be where you are every day, hopefully soon. I do have days like this now, just not every day. And I had a delicious filet for dinner too, in a chianti sauce. It was red-meat deliciousness.

  2. That sounds perfect!! I love days like that, quite frankly. you captured it so well!

  3. I love the realization that small things are what makes for a content life. I'm right with you. Your day sounds awesome.

  4. This sounds like a kick ass day. Definitely a little personal victory.