Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 21: Little Things

Workout (12 min row, 30 min run, abs)
Work some more
Purchase concert tickets for April 23
Walk the dogs (1.5 miles)
Walk to tan
See B four times during walks
Exchange texts only comical to us
Grill a bacon cheddar burger, twice baked potato and cheesy corn
Clean the kitchen
Settle in to work on the workout binder (a 3 ring binder broken out into tabs for each body part or workout type and comprised of all the workouts I see in Women's Health, Shape or Health)
Listen to TV while reading my latest book on my Nook Color.

Little things make me happy.
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  1. I like little things that make me happy. They're my favorite. :)

  2. When you add them up, they're one big ball of happy. Tell me more of the workout that idea.