Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Luck

Something I hear often; you must get hit on all the time. The answer; um, no. No I don't.

In fact. I almost never do.

And then I did.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. For the first time in many months since the puppy I was hit on.

I was out with two of my good guy friends, J and of course B, and for the majority of the night the were on either side of me. However, once they started playing pool I sat by myself and watched. (At least I watched until  B was playing so poorly I played in his place.)  And as soon as they would stand up, the newbie would sit down and strike up a conversation.

He was nice enough.

He wasn't a bother.

He was at least 50.

Not attractive and just projected insecurity.

And then it are you two dating? Referring to B.


Would you like to go out sometime?

No, but thank you for the offer.

That is my luck.


  1. UGH! Go figure, right? I never got hit on much either...makes me wonder who does actually get hit on these days? And I still wanna know more about B! ;-) I'll be patient...hehe.

  2. Aww figures. Even though he wasn't a winner, at least it was flattering. Baby steps!