Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 10: After

We saw the disgrace that was my desk last week.

It seriously gave me the he-be-ge-bees.

Well now boys and girls...we have an after to share.

Other areas of the room still need my attention.

It needs painted.

Degrees need hung on the walls.

Files and shelves need purged (and I have only lived here 4 months - wait, 4 months? Crazy how time flies!).

But now I can sit at my desk and work and not feel as though I should be profiled on Hoarders.

Readers note: the single shoe on the desk is actually not mine. When I was in Phoenix last Fall for the NASCAR race one of the girls that left prior to me left her shoe in the room. Here it sits, waiting to be mailed. 5 months later.


  1. Haha I didn't even notice the shoe! Nice and tidy! I am the same way, I get freaked out by too much clutter.

  2. Looks great. Those shelves are really cool!

  3. thanks for the shoe update.