Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 1: Online Dating

I truly don't know why I signed up for online dating. As you know I am actually rather opposed to it for me.

Partially because I don't like things being forced and there was that bit about B.

But now B is part of the reason why I am signing up. Not that he knows.  

So I took the hour or so to develop my profile, answer their questions and select my pictures.

I had 7 matches.

Immediately I discarded 5 for various reasons.

I am not real enthralled with the remaining 2.

One has two children and I am not sure that is something I can handle.

The other has this hipster, too in touch with his feelings vibe I can't quite shake.

So I asked for new matches...

And was told there are none.

Um, really?

I want my $45 back already!


  1. LOL, if you are doing the site I think you are, you will magically have more matches tomorrow. They seem to hold out on you to make you keep coming back everyday, lol. I've been doing this for 3 weeks, and I am less than impressed with EVERYONE! ha

  2. Before you get too far in to this you need to make a list of things you absolutely are not willing to compromise on - that will help you eliminate men without feeling guilt. For example, I will not date someone with kids, I just won't, I can eliminate those men without feeling shallow about it. And Marisa is right, you'll get a new set of matches within 24 hours, chances are they will all suck too, and you'll wait for more matches, eventually one will seem like he has possibility, that's all you need is one. Hang in there.

  3. I used this site too (I think). Living in a big city, I probably had more matches than most. But whenever I did run out of interesting ones, the same thing would happen to me. It might not be a bad idea to not be so picky in the beginning before committing to meeting them. You can use the less than desirables for practice. That sounds really mean. It probably is. But it works!

  4. sigh. it DOES get disenheartening, I know. But I agree with Ronda on the list. Make it first, and then go at it. You got this!