Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Silent Goodbye

I'm contemplating going away without a word.
Simply fading away without explanation. Declarations of the end have been made and revoked, rinsed and repeated to no avail.
Perhaps just not being there anymore is the answer.
I say it now after an exchanged look, a small silence.
But when silence is shattered will that same strength be there? If it were; would you care?
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  1. This is very poetic, beautiful, and...cryptic. I hope all is okay!!!!

  2. Agreed with the cryptic comment. And sent from the phone no less, meaning we probably got this right after some event. Let me know if you need to chat my friend - you know I'm always good for an ear.

  3. Agree with the comments above...short post, cryptic, from your phone. I would like more offer support...

  4. This doesn't seem good. I hope you're doing alright tonight...

  5. It would appear, by the tone of your post, that this is a subject that's been breeched before without resolve.

    On my mind is that I would rather stick to a firm verbal initiative as opposed to silently slipping away. Then that person could never come back with "I'm confused ... you just haven't contacted me." It just gives someone a reason to stay in touch. Unless, of course, that's what you want?