Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hits and Misses

In keeping with the theme of food this week I went to a cooking party last night that featured Homemade Gourmet products. Say what you will about home parties but I like them. Yes, its often a free hard sell but you are a big girl and should be able to say no. If you don't find anything you like at minimum you had a fun evening out of the house with a group of women who are likely your friends. At best, you find products you like.

The premise of the company is to make simple meals using a meat (fish, chicken, pork or beef), one of their seasonings, a veggie and perhaps a canned good. Some recipes only required their seasoning and one other item. Basically you prep the meals and freeze them and then can throw them in your slow cooker, on the grill or in the oven when hungry. After thawing of course.

I found a dip mix I loved so I was happy and a few spices I can see myself getting a lot of use out of. Double bonus that I now have several meals ready and waiting in my freezer when I want a real meal. I'm excited to try Grandma's Sunday Roast, Beef Burgundy, Asian Pork Lion and the Garlic Basil and Sausage.

The nice part is that I often cook this way so the concept was not foreign to me. Being single it is sometimes hard to just cook for one so I make a big meal and then portion it out into single servings for future use. It works for me.

So all in all. The evening was a success. A hit.

The miss came when I arrived home. I was so excited to relax in the hot tub and take a pic of it with the new camera using one of its fancy night enhancing shots. Not of me in the tub. Just of the tub. No one wants to see that.

But then I stuck my leg in and realized the water was only luke warm when compared to the zero degree temperature.

A quick check of the control panel told me the water was 84 degrees. F....

Off to find the manual I went and it was then I discovered that I put the hot tub in sleep mode. Which, when searching for the silver lining, I realized this is a good thing to know how to do when I travel.

Sadly that meant no hot tub time for me. Major miss.

This morning I tried something new. I went to a TRX class at the fitness center and it quite frankly kicked my ass.

SO very hard. And this is coming from a girl who runs 3x a week, does yoga 2x per week and lifts 3x per week. Really, really hard.

The entire premise is that if you have these straps you can do the workout anywhere using your body weight as the resistance. It was developed by a Navy SEAL. Halfway through the workout I wanted to find that Navy SEAL and kick his butt.

So after the 30 minute workout I wanted to die. During my prayer for death I walked to the front desk and signed up for a 6 week session of classes every Wednesday morning.

Hello? Swimsuit season will be here before we know it.

Then I ran 2.5 miles in 24 minutes (and I walked the first 3 minutes).

Another hit.

I started my day off feeling challenged and was excited to dive into work. Especially when I finally got a much sought after meeting.

I'm thinking my batting average is going to be pretty high this week.


  1. Jealous of the hot tub! I love home parties too, and agree that there is a way to say no if you don't wanna buy. I just find them relatively fun. As for TRX, I am dying to try it at my gym. I know it'll kick my ass too, probably why I haven't tried it yet ;-)

  2. I like your positive attitude! Hit the hell out of this week!