Monday, January 24, 2011

Perfect Saturday - And Then...

This past Saturday I woke-up, rested and relaxed.

The start of a fabulous morning.

I went to the gym and completed a 4 mile run, my Thursday weight workout and 20 minutes of abs. In total I spent an hour and 40 minutes at the gym.

It was heaven.

Fast forward to a shower, freshly made cinnamon rolls and a great cup of coffee I am now having a perfect day.

Me and my coffee jump in my vehicle to run errands and meet my sister for lunch.

Seriously. Could there be a better Saturday?

My coffee travels in style. I have a stylin' Jonathan Adler for Starbucks cup benefiting the (Red) foundation.

I am on the highway and I reach down to grab my coffee. As I grab my pretty cup, by its pretty lid, the lid manages to pop off about halfway up.

And coffee goes EVERYWHERE.

Somehow it manages to swirl behind me. Soaking the back of my white shirt.

Actually it isn't mine. Its my sisters' shirt.


I'm too far from home to turn back because I would essentially have to get where I am going to turn around.

So I stop at a rest area and turn my shirt backwards so that I can wash the affected areas in the sink.

That took my amazing, relaxing, picture perfect day from heaven to hell in point 2 seconds.

The day rectified itself later but sitting through lunch in a half wet shirt was not my idea of perfection.

Finding my birthday party shirt that I imagined in my head and found at a local boutique? Made it all worth it.


  1. UGH!! I HATE spilling coffee! And I do it relatively often too. Always pisses me off. But glad you found your birthday shirt! What's it look like!? :)

  2. I chuckled a little at this. I'm glad you could turn the day into a good thing! Everything except the wet shirt sounds perfect! :-)

  3. I saw a documentary about the autobahn a while back and they said the Germans got all offended when America started to request cup holders in the cars.
    They said; Driving is a piece of art and you are supposed to enjoy it, not drink coffee while doing it.