Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Weekend in Review

I headed south this weekend to celebrate the 30th birthday of my best friend.

It marked my first real return to the place that I resided for 17 years without ever feeling at home.

There was a celebration. A fun, exciting, dancing filled evening of celebration.

Dinners at favorite restaurants.

A movie.

Visits with old friends.

All the while I experienced the strangest mix of feelings.

At times it felt as though I never left. The ease at which I navigate the city. The visit to my old employer. This time on the other side of the table but at the table nonetheless.

But that whole time I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I made the right decision. This wasn't home. While it was nice to be there, I was happy it was temporary. I couldn't wait to get back.

Even B, when asked about my weekend, probably put it best. How was my weekend away? That is all it was. It was a weekend away spent with great friends.

I returned today to my home. To the house, that although I have only lived here a month is truly home.

There were 2 dips in my hot tub. One upon my return and one after my 6 on 6 basketball game.

I sat there.




Because I was home.


  1. That sounds like a great weekend! I'm so glad your place is feeling more like home.

  2. Isn't home the BEST feeling in the world? I am so glad you feel that way so soon after moving in. That's awesome.

  3. Yep, nothing beats feeling like you're home! Glad you had a fun weekend away! :-)