Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Life

So what does a girl who lives in a small town in America's heartland do when she isn't traveling around the US and Canada for her career?

...I have no idea if you want to know this or not but I feel like writing it...

My morning routine is fairly simple. Its the standard wake up, brush my teeth, let the dogs out, start the coffee, feed the dogs and cat and walk into my home office and ensure I am still attached to the VPN.

Once I'm online and take that first sip of coffee its on. I settle into work; calling, prospecting, setting up conference calls, having conference calls, making travel plans. All day. I only stop when I break for the afternoon workout and to make lunch.

And maybe occasionally check FB or update this blog.

The only variation to this is when I work out in the mornings. Morning workouts are my favorite thing in the world.


If I don't have anyone to meet at the gym, and I haven't lately, there is no way I am going there in the morning.


However, if I were to go in the morning you can insert gym between brushing my teeth and letting the dogs out. Otherwise you can catch me at the gym around noon so that I can use All My Children as a distraction to the fact that I have no workout buddy.

My workout routine is fairly standard.
  • Monday - 30 min run & abs
  • Tuesday - double day! First its a brief cardio warm-up followed by 40 minutes of lifting using machines and free weights. At night I go to an hour long Power Yoga class
  • Wednesday - 45 - 60 min run & abs
  • Thursday - repeat Tuesday's double
  • Friday - repeat Wednesday
My workout hour is also the perfect break in the middle of the day

Pretending there wasn't a giant snow storm ravaging my state this week my evenings would have looked like this:
  • Monday - Junior League General Membership Meeting - canceled because of snow
  • Tuesday - Gourmet Cooking Party - canceled because of snow but that meant I made it to yoga!
  • Wednesday - bowling league. Don't knock it until you get to sit around and have drinks and dinner with your girlfriends every week. 
  • Thursday - yoga
  • Friday - make the drive south for the bff's 30th birthday but generally this would be drinks at the local bar after my dressage lesson.
  • Saturday - House projects & drinks
  • Sunday - basketball league
That is pretty much my life every week. Next week I start a 3 week Greek cooking class on Mondays.

I love having this much planned.

I love being on the go.

I love there being something to do most evenings.

So if anyone tells you there is nothing to do in a small town? Send them to my blog. I'm always busy and I live in a town of 2000.

I chose to move here from a quasi major market with an NFL team and a MLB team.

I am more active here. Because in my compact little area I can do all these things; the workout, the social time, the cooking class...

It is all in what you make of it.


  1. I love this! Love your routine as it is akin to what I am starting to create for myself as I work from home. I love the doubles...I do those too sometimes. Nice to add a little extra, right?

  2. I love, love, LOVE being busy, too! In fact, I oftentimes have to remind myself that it's okay if I don't have plans every.single.second because as good as it feels to have a full, lively calendar, I thinks it's also important to allow for the unexpected, the spontaneous.

  3. I am impressed with anyone who can develop a routine and stick to it, like you and Jolene. I am lousy at that. I like that you have a plan and one of my goals this year is to become more like this. I'm glad you posted this!

  4. I have to agree with the small town vs. big town comment.... I live in a major metropolitan area and while there is SO much to do, its almost overwhelming when it comes to choosing, planning, etc. Before marriage and kids, I lived in a smaller town of 25,000.. but including the small towns around it, the geographical area was considered a total of 100,000.... but I love it! It was a college town so it had all the benefits of the big city without the overwhelming opportunities. I was more active in the small town than I am now in the big city.... family life may or may not have something to do with it, but hey.... I think what you are doing is awesome!

  5. Wow. Just wow. You stay busy. I don't know how you do it. I'm going to end up with plans just 4 nights this week, and I'm already exhausted. I need to learn how to balance working out and being social with my much needed alone time. You are inspiring to me!

  6. Wow you do stay busy and that's a good thing! I'm super jealous of your workout schedule because I wish I could get that amount of workouts in!