Monday, January 10, 2011

And Then I Quit

I'm not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for online dating. Once I did it I knew I wasn't going to like it.

So today I quit.

I tried to close my account online and found that I couldn't. I had to call.

(((insert free hard sell)))

I very patiently kept repeating, "I appreciate your offer/suggestion. However I am not pleased with my experience and I would like to cancel."

Read that 100x and you know how my conversation went.

Luckily I got my $45 dollars back and will never receive another message like this:

Subject: u r pretty

Body: wanna go 2 prom?


  1. Aww! Well I am glad you got your money back. That's almost unheard of ;-) And I'm sorry it was a crappy first go of it. I hated those random one-off emails that said absolutely nothing! Was ridiculous. Makes you wonder if men ever do really grow up, doesn't it??

  2. Um, yeah, that's online dating in a nutshell. It takes a special level of tolerance for stupidity.

  3. Had to chuckle a little at the end. Although it is frustrating. I'm pretty impressed you got your money back!

  4. Yesterday I got this email:

    I am good man. Call me ***-***-****

    LOL! Yeah, I'm hating this too.