Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Online Dating

Online dating has been a hot topic lately.

I have friends that found their spouse on, a friend who just enrolled there and another whose on eHarmony. I read blogged adventures detailing the people they've met and the tales along the way.

I love hearing about their adventures.

But I don't think it is for me. At least not right now.

I don't think I am above it. Its just not for me right now. For several reasons.

Right now I just don't want a relationship that bad to take the time to review matches, read profiles and go on dates.

I also don't want to feel as though I forced something.

I don't want to start something somewhere I don't plan to be.

If it happens organically I am all for it.

But I am not going for it.

And there is B.

I know that having him in my life keeps me from having open eyes.

Even if I can't have more with him now, even if we are just to be friends. I don't have a chance to be lonely because he's there, regardless of if its not as much as I want it to be. It keeps me from moving on. Because there is still a possibility.

I know it.

He knows it.


  1. All very good reasons to avoid what I'm doing like the plague. Follow my words, enjoy my stories, and continue to live.

    Before we were both two - now we're both one. Just because 2 < 1 does *not* make us any 'less'.

  2. Definitely don't force it- any kind of dating is hard enough! Don't try to do all that work if you're not ready yet. :-)

  3. Dating is tough and online dating is another layer of challenges. Don't rush or force yourself to do it. One step at a time.