Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Weekend

I wish weekends were longer. I wish they were 5 days and work weeks were two days.

That would be nice.

But in reality they aren't and until I win the lottery it ain't gonna happen.
This weekend was like my usual weekends - but its just nice to make my own schedule.

Friday was, as per usual, uneventful.

Saturday I cleaned the house and vacated an hour and a half for a showing...and they never came. Seriously people. If you make an appointment to look at a up. Its not hard.

I also realized I had no idea where my license was and needed to make an emergency trip to the DMV to get a new one. Thankfully it was an easy process and the people working were friendly. Unheard of.

I did go out with some friends on Saturday night. It was...fine.

It just wasn't a bar that I like and I wasn't super pumped about it was just an okay night.

One of the biggest challenges to being single is finding ways to entertain myself. I really don't want to spend every weekend in a bar, at 29 I am over it.

So any singles with suggestions on weekend activities...?


  1. not quite the same as hanging out at the bar, but how about doing one of those 5K's?

  2. I completely understand your feeling on this. At 33, and unfortunately newly single again, I am bored out of my mind. I just sit around and feel sorry for myself and torture myself looking at pics and reading old notes and cards...So if u get any good ideas, let me know. Wanted to send u a message just asking for advice on how to deal with the pain when ur husband leaves u for another woman, but don't know how to contact you besides comment? So, sorry for the long comment and I'm sure tmi, but any advice would be GREATLY appreciated as I feel like I'm suffocating from pain.....