Monday, March 29, 2010

I Agreed

I agreed. I am not sure why I agreed but I did.

And now I think I may throw up.

I agreed to be set up by my friend AMS and her husband.

Apparently one of her husbands co-workers noticed me when I was in their office a while ago. They ran into him last night on a "man date" (at the movies with his other male friend) and she said it clicked.

They want to set us up.

So I agreed. As long as it isn't super awkward setup-ish.

I have no idea how it won't be but I can't back out now.

I have also agreed to the first 5k of the year...May 1.

It will be promptly followed by live horse racing, blackjack playing and Derby watching.


  1. Oh my gosh that's great news! I know blind date set ups can be awkward but think positively. You should go out and have a nice time. No pressure

  2. May 1st! I am on night 3 of running this week! We can do it