Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I think I should have a theme in 2010.

I have tossed around a lot of ideas. Mostly in my head because I subject you to my verbal diarrhea way too often.

The final verdict?

While I was tempted to steal "My Life. My Terms. My 2010." from a friend I realized you just can't steal someone elses theme.

So my theme...

No more complications in 2010.

Its not catchy. Its not hip. (Does anyone say hip these days?)

Its just the truth.

Everything has been so complicated. Whether it was the divorce, the house (an ongoing battle), a romance that was but wasn't, the moving process - I am just going to try and accept that what will be, will be.

I will stay focused on the vision. But I will do my best to remove myself from complicated and unnecessary situations.


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  2. Once more with feeling (and fewer typos):

    You say 'hip', I say 'swank'. And our single lives continue. Coincidence?

    Love the theme - simple and easy to follow means it will probably get done.

  3. Love your theme. It's simple and pretty easy to do. I love that idea of having one for the year.

  4. Love your theme and hope this year works out for you. It's odd you wrote this because I, too, have been thinking of a theme. And I figured it out a couple days ago. "Flushing the drama". Which means I am ridding my life of drama and drama inducing people. Let me just say, my christmas card list is gonna be much shorter this year :)