Thursday, January 7, 2010

Having Vision

I need to stay focused on the future.

Where my life is headed.

Where I want to be.

So I made a vision board. I'm not really sure why...but Oprah said its a good idea so...that means it is. Right?

These are things I want.

So my vision board for 2010 decoded...

The current house will sell, I will buy a new house in the state I love so dearly.
I will purchase a treadmill and will work hard to have a body like Eva Longoria.
I will find a fulfilling and challenging job that allows me to relocate.
I will focus on saving for things I want/need now and for retirement. Because I don't want to work forever.
I will get back to showing horses and I will enjoy some time on the beach.

So I am putting it here to keep me focused. To remind me that there is a reason for this madness. That I will get the things that I want. That I won't always be so far away from my family.

That I will be home soon.

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  1. My friend sent me the link to your blog when my marriage was going thru a rough spell. I have followed it and kept up with ever since. You seem a wonderful person, grounded, intelligent, and sincere. I hope you keep your head up and I wish you the best. My blog is fairly new, but check it out sometime: