Sunday, January 24, 2010

25 Random Things

Before the revelation of the affair I succumbed to the FB craze and had a "note" with my 25 Random Things. Several of them had to do with MX so I immediately deleted the note as well as all the pictures of us.

But I miss those 25 Random Things. So since it would probably weird to suddenly add them to FB I thought I would do it here.

  1. My parents named both myself and my sister so that it would "sound good over a loud speaker." Swear. We grew up showing horses so this was of vital importance.
  2. A picture of me hung in the American Quarter Horse Museum in Amarillo, TX for 17 years.
  3. I broke my arm when I was 3 years old because I fell off my 3 foot tall pony as he ducked under a gate. I fell into soft sand...but didn't cry until the doctors said they were going to have to cut off my shirt. It was my favorite.
  4. I graduated college in 3 years. This is one of the biggest regrets of my life. I should have slowed down and enjoyed another year. But I was in a hurry and really poor so I had to get moving.
  5. I am a meat & potatoes girl. I like my steak, preferably a filet, medium rare. I don't understand if you don't eat your steak medium rare. In fact, I probably think you are weird.
  6. I think Bud Light (or Select) is the only alcohol that needs to exist.
  7. Milk is the one thing I couldn't live without.
  8. I love Kiefer Sutherland. I think he is the most attractive man in Hollywood. I love that he isn't perfect. My next dog will be named Bauer for his 24 character.
  9. I once met Tanya Tucker in a bar. I was 12.
  10. I have an incredible memory. Sometimes this is good; if you want to know what you wore on a particular day...I am your girl. But sometimes its bad; if you make me angry or hurt someone I love I will always remember and its hard for me to get past.
  11. I believe that hard work will get you what you want. I wanted a college education. I had to pay for it. So I worked 4 jobs, while going to school full time, being an officer in my sorority, a Student Ambassador, and Fall & Summer Orientation Leader. I try to apply this level of dedication to everything.
  12. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life I would show horses. I miss it so much and can't wait to get back to it.
  13. I love to cook. But most of the time I end up making grilled cheese, pizza or a pbj.
  14. I really want to have my own business. I just haven't figure out what it is just yet.
  15. I'm obsessed with personal finance. I love it. But it stresses me out. I wonder if I have saved enough, will have enough...
  16. I can't wait to move home and have a new house to decorate and settle into. As horrendous as the last year has been, I am so excited for the next chapter. Something good has to come out of this.
  17. My animals are my kids. I can't imagine life without them. They brighten each and every day. I have already warned my sister that if I move to the country she will have to keep an eye on how many animals I have because I have such a bleeding heart for them. I can't stand to see an animal suffer.
  18. I want to travel to Italy, Greece, Turks & Cacaos and Australia.
  19. In the US I want to go to Montana, Wyoming and the Badlands.
  20. At 5 feet 2 inches I am the tallest female in my family.
  21. My sister is my hero. M is like a sister and therefore my other hero. They are both amazing. So strong and determined.
  22. I have always thought I would die young. I don't know why.
  23. My two favorite kinds of music are country and hip hop.
  24. I went to kindergarten in a one room school house.
  25. I am quite confident that me and my oldest friend, will always be friends. Even though I moved when I was 12 she always made sure we stayed in contact. Now that we are older and with email & FB its just that much easier and it turns out...we still like each other!

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