Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Friday

A couple weeks ago I told you about the highlight of my Friday.

This week the highlight...

Buying a 40lb bag of dog food. Am I an exciting single chic or what?

So then I started thinking. Dangerous, right?

When I go to Petsmart why do I feel compelled to donate to their homeless pets fund?

Every. Single. Time.

I asked my sister about this and we came to the conclusion that its because 1. we love animals and 2. they are defenseless.

I don't give money to homeless people because they have a choice.

They can work.

I am totally jaded by those Dateline specials that expose people; educated, mentally stable people, who choose to not work but rather beg and not pay taxes. Because of them it keeps me from giving individuals money on the street.

I am much more inclined to provide food, warm clothing or blankets through various charitable organizations like Harvesters.

But animals? There is no one to help them unless we do.

I guess that is my soap box for the day. Do you give money to homeless people on the street? Or try and support them, like me, through specific charities?

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