Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, Same Problems

The assumption didn't get approved so the house goes back on the market.

I still have to deal with him.

Deal with things like coming home and finding out my bedroom has been hijacked. There is new bedding and all sorts of knick knack crap in my room. My room. Where I sleep.

I just want him out of my life. For good.

Talked to a mutual friend today on FB (not one I would delete). He is a mortgage guy...said he can do the loan with no closing costs.

Tell MX.

He says he will talk to him but he doesn't want the house. Um, what was the point of the assumption?

Why can't you make a decision and stick with it?

Why can't I have my own life? A new life? Why can't I get away from him?


  1. he changed the bedding? omg. omg. I would beat him.

  2. time for you to take charge and tell HIM what's going to happen! don't ask, tell! tell him not to change the bedding. tell him that you are doing the loan. tell him you are moving on.

  3. Sorry to hear about the house. That's such a bummer. I hope it gets wrapped up soon so you can move on.