Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Night I Almost Met Darius Rucker

The trip to Miami was amazing.

The sound of the ocean is soothing for the soul...

Monday was filled with conference sessions and an amazing key note speaker Ron Jaworski. He told tales of his career in the NFL and his experiences on Monday Night Football. A very engaging speaker even if you aren't the worlds biggest sports fan.

Monday night we had a yacht cruise with a poker tournament...and I got second! With a little group effort. But the best part? I won an iTouch! I have wanted an iPhone forever but since my work pays for my phone and I am I thought I would never have one.

But this is the next best thing and so cool! I love it.

Tuesday was slam packed with meetings but then I got the news that I was hoping for...

I was going to meet Darius Rucker at a private meet and greet before our private concert at Mansion.

I was like a kid at Christmas. Excited would be an understatement.

We went for dinner at Sushi Samba but I couldn't really eat. I was too excited.

We were due to be there at 7:30.

The club was only a few blocks away.

7:30 came. 7:30 went. The others at dinner who would also meet him said it wouldn't start on time. We would be fine.

We got there at 8. It was over.

I was crushed. So sad.

But I was front row.

I got 2 guitar pics.

2 fist pumps.

I love him. He puts on such a good show!

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  1. Awww bummer you didn't get to meet him. That stinks! I hate when people do that. But I'm glad you got to be that close and get a few things to remember the show by.