Monday, January 18, 2010

Its No Wonder

It's no wonder I didn't want to come back to my house.

This time there are no visible changes to the interior of the house. Just the exterior.

The addition to a FSBO sign. One that I agreed to.

One that I wanted both our numbers to appear on. Preferably mine first since I live in the house.

He wanted his first.

I pled my case.

I used reason.


I arrive home.

There is an FSBO sign. With his number on it.

Mine is no where to be found.

Please God. Let me out of this situation. Make it end. I wasn't the one that wanted this. I just want it over. I need it to be over.


  1. That stinks. What an awful way to come home. I hope things get wrapped up with this quickly for you.

  2. take his sign down and put up your own! forget to put his number on it.

    nice work on the treadmill too! lots of training plans out there to get ready for some races.