Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Boring

As you know, I am just not very exciting on Friday's.

And this Friday? Well, it is no exception.

I am home. Alone. Well, not entirely alone. There are the 2 dogs and the cat.

I ran/walked 4.25 miles and burned 475 calories (or so my treadmill tells me).

I watched 3 episodes of 24 (Kiefer Sutherland is my number 1 on the list of celebrities I would sleep with. I love him. Accept it).

I've watched countless basketball games and my bracket is fairing decently.

But the point is. I am home. I am not out.

I am boring.

A part of me wishes I were out. Or rather wishes I had a desire to be out.

But the truth is the idea of being out in a bar around here...makes me want to rip my skin off. I'm supposed to go out tomorrow with my best friend.

But really? I don't want to leave my house and go.

Because I am boring.


  1. We have to get our Friday night television on sometime. Seriously.

  2. if we didn't have Disney on Ice tonight, Brody & I would come be boring at home with you!

  3. it's okay to be boring! I am too on Fridays. I love coming home and just relaxing after a long week.