Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time, Money & Bling

Last week I went on vacation (and crossed another item off the list).

This is not a vacation in the traditional sense. There was no beach, no pool, no rest.

I went to the All American Quarter Horse Congress and watched.

Watched people do what I love. 

Watched and wished it were me.

Watched and wanted nothing more than to be in the arena. Showing.

Not sitting on the sidelines.

So we started looking at all the things I need to get back into it.

So in no particular order are all the things that time, money and bling can solve:

  1. A horse
  2. A trainer
  3. An acreage for when the horse isn't at the trainers. This can't be just any acreage. I need a decent house and a building that is approximately 100 x 200 with heat and water. Do you know how many are currently for sale in my area? Zero. And if they were they would be more than I should spend to still be able to afford the horse and the expenses.
  4. A trailer, with living quarters, to haul said horse
  5. A truck to pull the trailer with the horse
Anyone have a winning lottery ticket?

1 comment:

  1. I'm jealous you went to the Congress! I wanted to go but didn't have the money (or the time, really), TO go!

    And I hear you on the wanting to show there, too!