Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel Tips, Tricks & Tidbits

I'm once again in the airport but this time I headed in the direction of fun.

Each time I travel this pestering thought goes through my head...

I should teach people how to effectively navigate security.

I mean really people.

Do you really not know that you have to take your coat off?

Your shoes?

That you must have liquids in a quart size baggie in containers that are 3 oz or less?

No that doesn't mean the venti Starbucks you bought outside security is exempt.

Nor does it mean you can bring a liter of shampoo on because there are only a few dollops remaining.

And yes, take off your watch and take out the change in your pocket. Sheesh.

It would do everyone a big favor if you had your ID and boarding pass out and ready to present to security. Don't stand there digging through your bag or briefcase while the idiot behind me rams me with his suitcase because he failed to see the line stopped.

Double bonus if you already have your laptop and liquids out.

And for heavens sake...DO NOT completely redress and repack when your items come through the conveyor. Gather your items and move to the benches. Otherwise you create backlog.
Don't be that guy.

If you wear a shoe that is that is difficult to take off...I may pummel you.


I slide through security with ease and effort.

And no, I don't want to talk to you. Not in line, not at the gate area and most certainly not on the plane.

The iPhone with earbuds is on purpose.

If you didn't get the hint, the book was the second indication I don't want to hear about your visit with Aunt Millie.

I love and loathe valet check.

Love because I'm not putting my suitcase up over my head. Loathe because no matter if I am on first, mid or last...I'm always the last bag to the jetway.

Just give me quiet and an Auntie Ann's pretzel and I'm a happy business traveler.

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  1. I totally know where you're coming from. Part of the stress involved with travel comes from people who just have no idea how to do it or they pretend like they've never seen a security check before. The line is about 20 minutes long and there are signs posted EVERYWHERE about what you can/can't take on the plane with you. What's so confusing?

    But once I'm in the air, I'm good.

    Oddly enough, this post now makes me want to travel :)

  2. That's hilarious. I feel the same way wen I go through security. People with kids are the worst to be behind, seriously, there is ALWAYS drama.