Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old Meets New & I Try New

My friends from the place I left came to visit this past weekend.

We learned things.

Like watching ThinTervention can cause you to make the following statements is slightly uncalled for and awkward social situations:

"I wasn't drinking. Except when I was drinking."
"You are a fat ugly little pig."
"I hate watching fat people."

It was a fun weekend. There was a tour.

My friends dubbed my new life, aka the place I came from originally, as close to Sweet Home Alabama as a town can get.

I like that.

One of them is ready to move here.

If only I can get her to either leave her husband or find him gainful employment. Oh, and get the pretty little grey house with black shutters to be for sale.

Details. Details.

Then this week I went for a new experience. I tried bacon wrapped dates at Mercat during a business trip to Chicago.

This may seem inane to you. But me? Me trying a new food? That's big.

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