Friday, December 3, 2010


I hadn't done this in quite a while.

I was afraid I wouldn't remember how. Nervous. Anxious.

I walked in and was overcome by the smell of sawdust and hay. It was like coming home again.

A barn cat brushed against my legs and purred with contented excitement when I bent down to scratch its soft fur.

There he was.

An overweight lesson horse. A short, fat, half Quarter Horse half Clydesdale.

I rolled my eyes.

This was beneath me. Beneath all I have accomplished. Even if its been a few years.

I haven't done dressage before but I am a reserve Congress champion.

Um, but not in hunt seat, not equitation, not an over fences class. It was Showmanship.

Shouldn't I be on a better more advanced horse?

Hi ego? Dial back in.

But then as I swung my leg over his vast back and put my feet in the irons. I was reminded it truly didn't matter what horse I was on. I just wanted to be on one.

To feel the power between my legs, the rhythm of the gait, the strength of the horses drive.

I was back on the horse and it was like I never got off.


  1. Awesome. Good for you.

    I've always wanted to try horseback riding.

  2. "Getting back in the saddle" has never been more apt, eh?

    Loved this post. Really, really loved it.

  3. LOVE this post. for what it meant literally and figuratively. Could feel the power!