Monday, November 29, 2010

Funny If You Are A Saddist

Fair warning to those that read this. My current emotional state may result in me being a total and complete post wh*re.

You've been warned.

Today I made two decisions.

  1. Sell my treadmill. It was a part of the 2010 Vision Board. But the new house I am buying is literally across the street from the fitness center. Where I pay money to workout on a monthly basis. If I can't get up the motivation to walk 100 feet, I'm not getting on the treadmill anyway. Plus my brother in law may forgive me for moving in the middle of December if I sell the treadmill. Maybe.   
  2. Sell my engagement ring & wedding band
The latter is the cause for the post. I had a meeting tonight and when I returned home my two loyal and loving dogs greeted me at the door.

The first thing I noticed was something sparkly on the dining room floor.

My engagement ring.

Next was the fact that the ring box was now in shreds. All. Over. The. Floor.

After picking up the shreds of the box and taking several deep breaths I started looking.

And looking.

Did I mention that my rental has awful shag carpet? The kind that makes you wonder how much we will make fun of frieze in 10 years?



Then finally, I spotted my wedding band near the ottoman.

Worrying that your dogs, the only children you will ever have, have digested diamonds on the same day you are worrying about the one you cut loose...too much for one day.


  1. My dog ate one of my diamond earrings when she was a puppy. Funny thing is I was wearing the earring, she just pulled it right out of my ear. 24 hours later... the earring was back in my ear and has been there ever since. Yes, I dug through poop. Yes, I soaked it in tons of alcohol. Yes, I still wear it. It's a diamond for Christ sake, just because it's been inside my dog does not make it unwearable! :)

    I've been trying to sell my engagement and wedding rings for a while now but cannot find anyone to give me a decent price for them. If you have any luck let me know how you did it so I can sell mine too.

  2. I need to sell my rings too, but haven't been able to do it yet. And my former dog (left with the soon to be ex husband) ate everything in sight. Luckily, nothing like that ever happened!