Monday, November 29, 2010


Its supposed to take 14 days to make a habit and I have 13 days to go.

They may be the longest 13 days of my life.

The habit is silence.

Silence between me and him.

It will be better for both of us.

We have tried.

We have failed.

I have failed more.

I've taught him that I will do this and then come back, missing him.

But this time I am not coming back.

But I am missing him.

I am done.

It is what needs done. For both of us.

Even if it hurts. Even if it feels like something is missing.

It's a new habit. The habit of silence.


  1. I wrote a lot of unsent letters. It helped.

  2. Good luck, girl. It's the hardest thing. But it's worth it. I know you can do it this time.

  3. I did this with my last ex and it was hard, really, really, hard. I had a friend who I sent a text to each time I was tempted to text the ex. He was a super patient friend that knew what he was getting into (meaning, many, many text messages each day)but it helped me. I replaced one habit with another just to get me through. The urge to text or call him is still there nearly seven months later, but now I just resist and I can actually resist without replacing it with a text to someone else. You'll get there.