Monday, April 26, 2010

I Shouldn't Be Shocked

I keep thinking that nothing MX does will surprise me. That I can no longer be shocked. That anything should be expected.

But today I received a new one-two punch.

I received a request for a response from the Marriage Tribunal Council of the Catholic Church. MX has petitioned the tribunal and asked that our marriage be annulled or essentially voided. The reason he gave for our marriage to be annulled because I did not want children.

Not because he was a lying cheating bastard. Not because he chose to be with her. To leave me, his wife, for her.

Because I did not want children.

No mention of the three year plan we developed when he came to me on August 18th, 2008 and told me that out of the blue he had decided he wanted children. One where we both agreed to start trying for a baby in April 2010.

None of that was mentioned.

He just laid the blame solely on my shoulders and asks for zero accountability for his actions.

Well, I am sorry. You should be held accountable sir and I have every intention of doing so.


  1. Oh hell yes, he should be held accountable! I hope you have no problems telling the church EXACTLY why you got a divorce. Bastard.

  2. He wants to make it public? His call.

    You were playing nice and letting him slink away without any problems, but if he wants the truth to come out...let it set his sorry ass free!

  3. Wow - I would be livid. I can't believe how civil you are being - I'd aim for the high road, but I'd fail!