Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I'm trying my hardest to not freak out and get too excited about the people that looked at the house tonight. Its another lease option but its something. Like my realtor said...this is 2 in 3 weeks. Obviously this is supposed to happen. I'm just hoping it happens with these people. It would be such stress relief.

Wait. Aren't we here to talk about #12?

Yes. #12.

I went to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. It was just as much fun as last year. Like last year I spent a lot of time on a boat. And I drank a lot of beer.

There was a lot of laughing. Apparently more so when I fell off a bicycle. Did you know two people who have been drinking all day should not attempt to ride a bicycle together? This was a major life lesson learned.

It was fun. It was relaxing.

It was everything I needed.

I have a great group of friends there. I cannot even explain how great my oldest friend is...she has been the driving force in us staying friends even when I moved away. For that I am thankful. Because she is a great friend today.

B was there. Suddenly I don't know what else to write about that.

So I will stick with him being there and it being a great weekend.

But no, there was no crossing #11 off the list.

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