Sunday, October 25, 2009

Working Out

I have fallen off the workout wagon in a major way. Major.

I was dedicated, fell off, got back on and have now found myself majorly sidelined.

So today I bought myself new workout pants. Why would someone who isn't working out buy new workout pants? Because I hope it motivates me to get off my tush and back to working out!

I also hope it means that I find a nice used treadmill soon so that I can run in the winter!


  1. lol. I fell off too after hawaii. who needs to work out post-trips. psh. well, I do bc I felt like crap. started again tonight, keep on me, I will keep on you.

  2. Get an eliptical. They're wonderful. Mine is particularly wonderful - it functions as a clothes hanger too!

  3. Keep at it, its great for me.