Sunday, October 18, 2009

Should I Un-Friend?

FB is an interesting place. Its there that I routinely see pictures of MX with her. Pictures posted by our friends that are now their friends.

Pictures of him doing things with her that he never would have done with me and claimed to not enjoy.

So it has me thinking...

As I continue to do things to separate my life now from MX, is it time to un-friend the former couple friends? They are, for all intents and purposes, his friends. I haven't heard anything from any of them. I am not sure if we would speak if I ran into them. I don't know what they have been told.

Do I do it? Or do I leave the connection available?

There really should be a divorce handbook on these things!


  1. i say un friend. especially if they have not reached out to you. if at the end of the day they are really his friends... there is no need to keep the string attached. you are moving forward and there is no need to look back or be reminded of that part of the past right now. one day you'll be so far beyond this... you'll find it silly that this was even a question. so making a few more snips sooner rather than later will be one less thing to think about down the road...

  2. Definitely un-friend. One night you'll end up feeling lonely and miserable and start facebook stalking him through his friends and wind up even more miserable and lonely. Trust me, I've been there. Save yourself a world of pain by unfriending now.

  3. my vote, UN-Friend. why? because you dont need to see that, and clearly they are not your friends, and really who is going to really notice if someone un-friends anyone on facebook?

  4. Un-friend them, those relationships are not healthy for you and you should be concentrating on relationships that help you rather than hurt you. You can always re-friend them later if things change.

    A wise person once told me, "Facebook is not real life, don't treat it as such" meaning, just because someone is your Facebook friend, doesn't mean they are your real life friend and vice versa.

  5. Personally, I would cut those connections. You will always have those updates and pictures of him in your news feed and in order to move on and let him go, you need to cut those ties, especially if they're HIS friends.

  6. I'm so guilty of facebook stalking....and its it now, I can't tell you how many times I've blocked/unblocked/blocked/unblocked, cleared my history settings, FBstalked, etc....its a hard habit to break, so I say disconnect from everyone..complete no least that is what they say