Thursday, October 8, 2009

Name Change

I remember when I changed my name after we were married...While I never thought my married name sounded good with my first name I couldn't wait to be Mrs.

I took an extra day after the honeymoon, cut my hair (because that is what you do when you first get married) and went about the name change process.

I had done all of my research and knew where to start.

People congratulated me.

Fast forward four years I have this name change process down pat.

But a tip to the Social Security office workers, Drivers License Bureau workers, credit card company call service workers and the associates at my bank...

When I say I need to change my name don't ASSume it was due to marriage and congratulate me.

Note to self; should you go down the marital path again...NO CHANGING OF THE NAME.


  1. I often wonder if I would change my name. Likely I would but I remember my mom changing hers back after the divorce and saying she would never change it again either.

  2. This is a frustrating issue fro me right x won't change her last name back to her maiden name....we don't have kids...if I were a new bf, I would be wondering why the name wasn't switched back...