Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Single Girls First

This whole dating process is new to me. I never enjoyed it in my pre-married years. Didn't do a lot of it. No desire to date around. Its just not me.

I have had two serious relationships; my high school/college boyfriend that I dated for five years and the six years I spent with MS2BX. In between the two (about a year between them) I dated a bit but just enjoyed being on my own for the most part.

This experience is...


Thing is, I am not actively dating. I am not "putting myself out there." I really enjoy being on my own.

For the most part I sit at home with my best friend grilling and drinking a few beers on the deck. At most, a weekend trip home to spend time with my sister and her husband.

I dipped my toe back in with the boy who made me laugh and smile. But that was followed with our goodbye.

Now there is another boy from back home.

But I am not interested. At all. Not even in a humor-him-just-get-out-and-have-fun kinda way.

So the first?

Thanks for the offer but for now I am just flying solo.

At least it was by email.

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  1. at least you are willing to even talk to others! good luck!!